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Is It a Boat or Tank? Would You Buy This Amphibious SuperYacht Tender?

Last summer I was in Lake Tashmoo, in Marthas Vineyard waiting at the dock when a slick looking motorboat pulled up to the dock. The captain shouted to me, "Hey, Is there a parking lot nearby". I pointed to the few cars parked at the lot by the ramp. He said thanks, then drove near the boat ramp and what I saw next left me amazed.

In disbelief I watched as 2 continuous tracks slowly lowered from the hull of the boat and started to spin. The captain then slowly and confidently drove this boat up the ramp and out of the water. Shortly thereafter he was parked and hopped down from the boat.

The Iguana SuperYacht tender is on of the most incredible boats that I have ever seen and although some might say that it is a novelty tender, I think there is a lot to be said for not having to get out of the boat and pull it onto the beach.

Here's a video if you dont believe me.

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