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Our charter insurance policies offer options on Property Damage Insurance, as well as Liability insurance.

Accidents happen, but if with the correct coverage you can protect you, your clients, and your property from expensive out of pocket costs that may arise.

We provide insurance for all types of charters, including, but not Limited to:

  • Sightseeing Charter Insurance

  • Sailing Charter Insurance

  • Yacht Charter Insurance

  • Fishing Charter Insurance

  • Nature Tour Insurance

  • Kayak Tour Insurance

  • Sunset Cruise Insurance

  • Commercial Charter Insurance

  • Loss of Charter Hire Insurance



Charter Insurance



We will work with you to understand your needs, in order to recommend the best coverage at a price that is affordable for you. We can provide you with a variety of coverages to fit the individual needs that you have for your boat. Let negotiate with our A rated carriers on your behalf and do the shopping for you.

Owning a boat should be an enjoyable experience, but sometimes understanding boat  insurance and the correct coverages needed can be complicated. Thats where we come in to help. Let us work with you to understand your needs and we will organize your boat insurance coverages and work with you to find a suitable policy at a price that you can afford. 

Fishing Charter Insurance



Fishing guides are responsible for the safety of their guests and crew. Should an accident happen, you could find yourself in an expensive lawsuit or paying out of pocket for injury to guests and others around you.


Fishing Charter Insurance covers you for general Liability, Property Damage, and Medical Excess. Based on your individual needs, we will arrange a policy that is tailored for you and your business. We have access to the best A rated insurance carriers that specialize in guide insurance. 

Accidents happen on the water, but with Fishing Charter Insurance, you can rest easy knowing that if someone gets injured, you wont be paying out of pocket for expensive legal fees or medical expenses. Hanham Insurance Agency will be standing by to help you get your claim paid quickly and efficiently. 


We make the process of marine insurance easy for you. Click for a Quick Quote, or download our easy to complete Quote form. 


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