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Comprehensive Coverage To Protect Your Business

Hanham Insurance Agency provides tailored insurance solutions for boat manufacturers and builders. We are able to cover you for the liabilities you face through the whole boat building process; From start to finish, and after delivery.

Let us tailor a comprehensive boat builders policy that covers you through the whole building process and beyond delivery. 

Our policies can be tailored to Include but are not limited to:

Property Coverage:

Property/Building Cover

Inventory Cover

Builders Risk Cover

Boats Under Construction Cover

Tool Cover

Crime Cover Cover

Boat Show and Exhibition Cover

Transportation Cover

Mobile Equipment Cover

Liability Coverage:

General Liability Cover

Ship Repairers Legal Liability

Marina Operators Legal Liability

Protection and Indemnity

Hull Cover

Pollution Cover

Directors and Officers Cover

Umbrella and Bumbershoot Cover

Commercial Automobile Cover

Employee Coverage:

Jones Act

Longshore and Harbor Workers Act

Workers Compensation



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We make the process of marine insurance easy for you. Click for our easy to complete Quote form. 


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