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Does Your Hired Yacht Detail Company or Yacht Maintenance Company Have Insurance?

Many yacht owners hire independent contractors to wash, wax , or maintain their vessel. Usually everything goes as planned. The yacht detailer shows up, washes your boat and everyone leaves happy. The question is, what happens when your independent contractor shows up, and damages your boat and is unable to pay for the damage? You could be left facing a large bill for repair, or worse for injury that your contractor sustains while working on your boat.

The best way to ensure that this doesn't happen to you is make sure that your contractor sends you a copy of his insurance declaration page, which proves that he or she is covered in the case of an accident or injury. If the contractor is unable to furnish this policy document or doesn't carry insurance, it may be worth asking yourself if it would be better to hire someone more professional.

At Hanham Insurance Agency, we are always happy to review contractor's policies to ensure that you are not exposed to any liability.

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