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How To Tie A Bowline Knot

The Bowline is one of the most fundamental and important knots for Boaters. It is quick and easy to tie and untie, and most importantly, no matter how much load you put on the Bowline, it is always easy to untie once the load is removed.

The bowline can be used in almost any boating scenario, whether you are tying a loop to throw to the dock line handler, or are securing your dingy for a long towing passage, the bowline never fails.

Below is a short instruction on how to tie the bowline:

Most boaters Use "The Rabbit and The Tree" analogy. The "Rabbit" is the running end of the line.

Step 1:

Make A loop with the line. (The Hole)

Step 2:

The Rabbit comes Up Through the Hole

Step 3:

The Rabbit Runs Around The Tree

Step 4:

The Rabbit Goes Back Down Its Hole

Step 5:

Pull The Knot Tight

When you are ready to loosen the Knot, simply make sure that there is no load on it, then "Break The Back"; Meaning pull the part where the rabbit went around the tree back and the knot will become loose.


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