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Do You Take Paying Guests On Your Boat?

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If you live near the water, taking paying guests out for fishing trips, dolphin tours, sightseeing, or just a booze cruise is a great way to have the boat pay for itself as well as earn an income.

Before you decide to take paying guests out on your boat, we advise the following:

Captains License:

It is illegal to take paying guests on your boat if you do not have a valid captains license. I repeat, it is ILLEGAL to take paying passengers on a boat, even if they are your friends, without a valid captains license.

Getting your 6-pack captains license can seem like a daunting process, but if you have the experience needed to take paying passengers out, then you most likely will be able to pass the USCG Captain’s Exam, and you will most likely have the required sea time in order to apply for your license.

Having your license as well as CPR training will only serve to keep you, your guests, and others safer on the water.

Charter Liability Insurance:

Ask yourself a the following question –

Can I afford to pay for legal fees, medical bills, and other costs associated if a passenger accidentally hurts themselves during a charter?

Unless you have millions of dollars lying around in case of the worst-case scenario, then we strongly advise insurance for any liability that may arise during your charter.

covers you for medical bills and legal liability up to a specified amount in case one of your guests is injured during the charter. Many are surprised how affordable Charter Liability Insurance is, for the coverage that you as a captain, owner, or operator receive.

Should you have any questions about Fishing Charter Insurance or Charter Liability Insurance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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