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What Happens if Another Boater Hits You and Doesn't Have Insurance to Pay For The Damage?

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What happens if another boater hits you and doesn’t have insurance to pay for the damage?

It is important to keep in mind that in most states it is not a requirement by law to have liability insurance, so many boaters are not insured and may not be able to pay for the damage that they cause.

Uninsured boater insurance coverage covers you, your vessel, and your guests in a situation where another party who is uninsured or unable to pay causes damage to your vessel or injury to you or your guests.

Here are a few example scenarios:

Hit - and – Run

You are anchored having dinner onboard. All of a sudden you feel a crash as a motorboat slams into your hull causing serious damage to the vessel as well as injury to your guests. The motorboat operator quickly zooms off, and the operator is never seen again.

These damages are going to leave you out of pocket and you are also liable for your guests’ injuries. Uninsured boater covers you up to a specified amount for these costs.

Uninsured Vessel

You are out on the water and a vessel collides with your yacht causing significant damage and injury to your guests. The police come and the vessel operator is found to be at fault, but he does not have liability insurance, and cannot afford to pay for the damages. A court battle can be lengthy, and even after that there is no guarantee that you will be properly reimbursed.

You could find yourself facing legal and medical bills that you cannot afford to pay. Uninsured boater coverage will cover you up to an agreed limit for costs that you may incur.

We at Hanham Insurance Agency understand the boating risks you face, especially when it comes to damage caused by an uninsured boater or an underinsured boater. Almost all of our policies contain uninsured boater coverage to keep you, your guests, and your boat covered in case the boater who causes damage cannot pay. Please click here for a Quote, or call us at +1 843 410 2990.

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