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Tips For Not Getting Your Dingy Stolen

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Dingy theft is one of the most common types of theft that boaters experience, especially in the high crime areas. Having your dingy stolen can leave you feeling vulnerable and without a way top get too and from your boat. Most dingy thefts are opportunistic crimes that can be prevented very easily.


Here are a few considerations and recommendations:


  1. Lock Your Dingy! ALWAYS!


The majority of dingy theft is opportunistic, and can be prevented by simply locking your dingy. If you have a way to secure the chain through the engine and through the dingy, that is best. Be sure to use a corrosion resistant lock.


  2. Don’t dock your dingy in sketchy places!


If you have a bad vibe about a place that you’re in, then trust your gut. It’s usually right. Try to find somewhere that is well lit, or where other boaters have locked their dingy.


  3. To Name Your Dingy or Not?


When it comes to naming your dingy or making your dingy stand out with markings, there are 2 schools of thought. Some say that if you mark your tender with an instantly recognizable name or paint job, then it will deter thieves. The other side says that this is not a good idea because it lets the thieves know when you are away from your boat.


  4. Don’t leave your kill chord on your engine!


There is nothing more appealing to a thief than a red kill chord already in place to start the outboard. Just take it with you.


  5. Hang your dingy at night.


In high crime areas, thieves will simply cut your chain or stations and take the dingy. If you elevate it with a halyard or davits, then it is much harder to steal.

Please note that the information above is a list of things to consider, and is not legal advice. 

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