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What Will Boat Insurance Cost?

Boat insurance costs vary widely based on the boat, coverage limits, owner experience, cruising area, and claims history. We are independent boat and yacht insurance brokers and we speak with multiple insurance carriers and negotiate for the best terms and premium. We do this quickly and keep clients in the loop throughout the process.


Owner Experience

Underwriters take into account your ownership and operating experience. The more experience you have, the lower the rate will be. If you hold any qualifications or boating courses, that will have an effect as well.

Vessel Details:

Builder, Hull Material, Length, Year, Speed, Horsepower, Fuel, Damage





Cruising Area:

Underwriters view different geographical regions as riskier. A person who keeps their boat in Florida during hurricane season, will pay more premium than if the same person kept the boat in Maryland. Be sure to tell your boat insurance broker what your cruising plans are, so that you’re not paying for unnecessary cruising areas.


Additionally if you haul your boat for part of the year, then you can get a boat premium discount.


Coverage Limits and Deductible:

Simply put, the higher the coverage, the more expensive your boat premium will be. If you increase the deductible, then your boat insurance premium will be cheaper.


Claims History:

If you have recently had a claim, then your insurance may be higher than normal. This increased boat insurance cost usually decreases after 3 years.



These are just the main factors, but there are many other small details that underwriters look at. We work  with boat owners and take the time needed in order to get the best possible rate while maintaining the required coverage limits. Call us today or click for a quote. We always respond within 2 hours.

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